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Your Last Legacy

With your Last Legacy you will be there for your partner the first weeks after your funeral.

Be there
for your partner

Your Last Legacy is a personalized bookwork that allows you to guide your partner through these difficult weeks.

Make it easier for you partner

Fill in the list below and we will design a personalized bookwork for you to share important information in a safe and organized way. With this you can tell, explain, advice, warn and protect your partner for when he/she has to handle (your) business and take over your responsibilities.

Give love when pain dominates

What makes this bookwork special, is that we combine this with supportive (pre-written) messages. These are specially written to make your partner feel understood, loved, motivated and less lonely in those difficult weeks. All you have to do is give it a personal touch and you will be there for your partner when he/she needs you the most.

The goals of Last Legacy is to soften the blow of your passing, to take away as much stress and frustration as we can and to make your partner feel less lonely by making your partner feel connected to you in a different but meaningful way.

Costs € 47,-

Fill-in the list below

and receive within 7 days your Last Legacy

Not satisfied? 100% money back

About your partner

My partner is ...
I would describe my partner as ...

Almost there!!!

Without me my partner would have troube ...
I take care of these things ...

You will be one of the few ...

What you just did is something very special. Because you can simply ignore this part of life, but you have chosen to see the opportunity where most people see inconvenience and confrontation.

By doing this you will get that security knowing that you are there for your partner when he/she needs you the most. Also, and this is something no-one thinks about, you will create new memories for your partner. Memories that will remind your partner of your love in a time where the strongest memory is that of your passing and the pain afterwards. 

For this we thank you. 

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