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your life

your story

Forever remembered

Together we will create a bookwork that shares the most wonderful, loving and inspirational stories from your life. It is the perfect gift that celebrates life for when we are no longer here.

How do we make it?

Just answer some questions and we put it together. You can answer these questions over Zoom, phone, e-mail or during a 1 week stay in Spain. 


Your child

Share those special moments together he/she won't even remember.

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langzame dans

Your partner

Let him/her know how special your relationship was and give strength and motivation to continue forward!

Future generations

Talk about your past and give them an insight in who you are and how life has been. Share life-advice and stories for them to learn from.

Samen tuinieren

Start here and we'll contact you for a free intake

Or contact us directly for any questions or interest.

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