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Reconnect with
your teenager 

moeder en dochter

When children become teens, life priorities change from being a child to finding their own way in life.

This can lead up to some of the worst experiences as a parent where you end up feeling very disconnected to your child and without any influence over their choices.

a vicious cycle

Often this will create a vicious circle where all the interaction is based on rules, freedom, responsibility, accountability, trust/break of trust and who should do what. 


This combined with ...

...having your own life (what most teenagers forget) makes it only natural to sometimes lose your patience and get into an argument that often makes things worse.

Again, only natural!

Unfortunately, ...

... teenagers are "programmed" to store only those pieces of information that proves themselves right which leaved them ...

... thinking:

‘You hate me’

‘I am not loved’

‘I can’t do anything right’

which makes them more angry, insecure, act out, depressed without you realizing where all of this comes from.

Our offer for you!

Our goals is to ...

  1. Let them know/feel you love them

  2. Get more influence over their future

  3. Find a way to work together

and most of all, have more peace and love in the household.

We do this in 2 ways:

First we create a video or book that is dedicated on you showing how much you love your child, how proud you are and how important he/she is to you.

Basically, everything you want you child to know to be confident, feel special and motivated to focus on the future.


Second, using our choose and click form you will create an accountability book. It is a tool you can use to show your child what he/she must do to earn more freedom. Teaching him/her the power of responsibility and taking initiative.

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