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Last Legacy

forever remembered

Some things may never be forgotten!

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Together we will document the most memorable and special moments of your life. Filled with memories, anecdotes and stories that include the people you love. But also how you overcame challenges and got to where you are now. It will give the reader a heartwarming smile and understanding as they see life through your eyes.  

Your story, big or small 

the perfect gift 

  • show your love and appreciation 

  • remind everyone about the best moments together

  • share your life experiences

  • and much more

Good question, with an even better answer. Wouldn't you love to read similar stories from those you love? Especially if they are no longer here. Because it is in these stories we find comfort, love, inspiration and feel connected when we need it the most.

That's why, share your memories and your loved ones will cherish them forever. 

But where to start?
And can you find enough stories and memories to write about? 


Don't worry, that is our job!

Depending on your wishes we will make sure that all you have to do is answer our questions.
We will do the rest.


We guarantee ...

  • that you will absolutely enjoy this journey through your past

  • that the end result will be highly appreciated for many generations to come

  • In case you pass away, you will leave something behind that will support your loved ones in the most special way

How does it work?

By email - choose the topics you want to include in your story and receive an interview on paper. Answer the questions and we use your answers to write the story.
€ 29,- 

By phone/video chat - we will interview you by phone or video chat. Based on your answers we will create your story.
€ 59,- 

Start your first topic
without any commitment and experience
the magic we can do together!

You make
your Last Legacy for 

Your child

Share those special moments together he/she won't even remember.

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langzame dans

Your partner

Let him/her know how special your relationship is and give strength and motivation to continue forward!

Your grandchild

Talk about your past and give them an insight in who you are and how life has been. Share life-advice and stories for them to learn from.

Samen tuinieren

Or contact us directly for any questions or interest.

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