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Last Legacy

practical and emotional support for after
you have passed away

Last week you suddenly passed away. As a spirit in the after life, you look down and see your children's sadness. Your partner in pain not knowing what to do or how to continue. 

Just imagine:

Een kussen knuffelen

All you want is to comfort them, tell them how special they are, how much you love them and so much more.

But you can't...

With Last Legacy you can!

Schild PNG.png

We will help you complete your Last Legacy. Which is a combination of messages, stories and practical information that helps your loved ones go through their mourning process, move to happiness and remember you for everything that makes you special.

For who?

For parents young and old who want to make sure that their partner and children will not fall into a black hole of sadness. To make sure they receive more from you than pictures, money and material stuff.

We will start with a message for after you have passed.
This takes very little effort and is 100% for free. 

The goal of this message is
to make your loved one feel:


  • comfort,

  • loved,

  • connected to you

  • supported and

  • motivated to keep moving forward. 

Parents and Toddler_edited.png

Fill in this form below and receive your message within 24 hours. Having this message, just in case, will give you the confidence that whatever happens, your last words are positive and loving. 

And that will be part of
your Last Legacy

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