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Your Last Legacy

Your Last Legacy is a package that will help your partner the first weeks after you have passed away.

This is how you are going to support your partner 

1) After your passing 

a message

No matter what happens before or during your passing, with this message you make sure your last words are a loving reflection of your true and lasting feelings for your partner. 

2) funeral wishes and arrangements

Just imagine, with everything going on, your partner still has to sit down with the funeral director to talk about your wishes and what will be covered by your insurance. With this simple fill-in form your partner can simply hand this over with the confidence that you get your worthy goodbye. No frustrations, no insecurities and most of all, no stress.

3) Morning of the funeral
a message

With a loving and motivating message you can comfort your partner in your special way. Share a story of how your partner showed strength in the past to let your partner know that he/she can get through this. Knowing that you will be there in spirit.

4) When daily routine starts again

Help your partner out by sharing tips and practical information about the extra responsibilities your partner needs to take on. 

5) When everything starts to sink in
a message

Facing the reality that you are gone will hit your partner like a brick on water. Expect anger and sadness. Help your partner soften the blow with a message full of understanding and share that it is ok to feel that way. That no matter what, you will always love and try to be there in spirit.

6) For the first after your passing

Choose 3 different moments your partner has to celebrate or face alone. This can be a Christmas, birthday, feeling depressed or an argument with children. With this message you give your partner a way to "talk" to you about it and you support your partner through this by giving strength and your love.

How we make it

Same as you did last time, answer a few questions and we write the messages. For the practical support, we provide you with a fill-in document which is already organized. Just fill in the blanks and you are good to go.

Do you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the info below.

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