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Last Legacy
memories that live forever

What do you want your loved ones to know after your passing?
What do you want "to tell" them and

how should they remember you?



With Last Legacy you will say:

  • You are special to a dear friend

  • I love you to your partner

  • I am proud of you to a child

When they need it the most

Create your Last Legacy

Starting with a free intake we will work together to create your Last Legacy. This ranges from a short written or video message to a book filled with all of your stories and experiences. 

What we do
We collect memories, stories and the details that make them interesting.

Next we transform them into heartfelt messages of love, interesting life lessons, motivating inspirations for those you love most.

The end result
After you are satisfied we will present your story in an online document, video presentation or small book delivered to your door. 

Just imagine the love and support they feel after receiving your Last Legacy!

What do you want to say to who?

Your child

Share those special moments together he/she won't even remember.

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Your partner

Let him/her know how special your relationship was and give strength and motivation to continue forward!

Your grandchild

Talk about your past and give them an insight in who you are and how life has been. Share life-advice and stories for them to learn from.

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Start here and we'll contact you for a free intake

Or contact us directly for any questions or interest.

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