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Last Legacy

Making your

is the last thing you want to think about now

But the first thing to regret when your time has come

  • I’ll do it later or

  • I am too busy

is what most people think.


That is ok
because we are not here to convince the sheep who mindlessly walk forward reacting to everything that seems to be important at that simple moment.

we want to awake the lions who 

  • understand rare opportunities to better their future

  • prepare not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones

  • want to create something that goes beyond today or tomorrow.


To create something that will have a positive impact
not for today

but when
it’s needed the most.

Our mission:
First for ourselves and now for others,
We make it easy for the Lions under us to create and complete their Last Legacy. To continue to be there for those they love, even when this becomes impossible.

What does a Last Legacy look like

This depend on your needs which we can discuss during a free intake.

A few examples:

  1. goodbye message for after or before the funeral

We can help you create your Last Legacy and
to make sure
you will always be able to give, care and love those closest to you after death.

Get your free intake
without any commitment and experience
the magic we can do together!

You make
your Last Legacy for 

Your child

Share those special moments together he/she won't even remember.

jong gezin.jpg
langzame dans

Your partner

Let him/her know how special your relationship is and give strength and motivation to continue forward!

Your grandchild

Talk about your past and give them an insight in who you are and how life has been. Share life-advice and stories for them to learn from.

Samen tuinieren

Or contact us directly for any questions or interest.

For example,

I have young children… if I suddenly die tomorrow I have written my life story so my children can: 


  • get to know me when they are older

  • experience the love I have for them 

  • to share my wishes for their future

  • teach them how to be strong and get through difficult moments.


Besides this I have messages ready for all their coming birthdays till the age of 18, for when they have it difficult or miss me.


If something happens to me, I will be able to continue to play an important part in their future. If I have done this for nothing, it means I am still alive. If I do need it,


I show to them that even death doesn’t stop me from loving them.

Another example:


A couple who wants to prevent their partner to fall in a deep black hole after being left alone.


During a video-call I came to understand what responsibilities they both have in their relationship. From here we created a personalized fill in book in which they can “tell” their partner what to do.


This ranges from

  • how to handle the finances,

  • what to do and who to call first after death,

  • grocery shopping lists,

  • menu plans and

all the little things they can do today to help each other after this is impossible

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