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With your Last Legacy you continue

to be there for your family

the months after you have passed away.

All it takes is 45 minutes!

After an interview over the phone or (video) chat we create a bundle of messages, stories and memories that will give your partner and children your support when they need it the most. 

Together we can soften their grieving process and
help them to still feel connected with you. 

be there for your loved ones the months after you have passed away.


Very simple, in those months they will need you more than ever. The loneliness and depression of missing you, being reminded of your absence everywhere they go and having to face difficulties you normally would handle in seconds. 

With your Last Legacy

you will be there for them in those moments. Supporting and helping them to go through their grieving process as softly and lovingly as possible. Perhaps most of all, they will feel connected with you in a different but positive way. 

With this, your final act will be to give them the support and strength to continue. And the best part, all it takes is just 45 minutes where we ask you questions about you and the people closest to you. 

Book an interview

Costs are € 89, -
100% money back guarantee

After the interview, we will create a package with up to 3 personalized messages for your partner and children. Practical tips for them and a story that tells how you wish to be remembered. 

Don't worry, all you have to do is book an interview and answer our questions. 

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